Rabbi and Rebbetzin Fox

Rabbi Gidon Fox was born in 1971 in London. After living in Israel they moved to South Africa, in 1981. He received his Rabbinic education in Australia and America.

After marrying Aviva Nates in 1995, they moved to Australia for Kollel. After receiving Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Y.D. Groner o.b.m in Australia, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Fox took up the Rabbinic leadership of the Doncaster shul where they served for nearly ten years.

During this time Rabbi Fox studied and became involved with providing Halachic counselling and supervision for couples undergoing fertility treatment. Upon arrival in South Africa he set up the local organisation SHIFRA which does the same.

Rabbi Fox also taught in the boy’s high school in Melbourne, the girl’s seminary and was the registrar of the Melbourne Beth Din for a period of time before their return to South Africa. Rabbi Fox currently teaches in the PHC Machon Lehora’a.

In 2005 the Foxes took up the Rabbinic position of the PHC. Rabbi Fox received a further Rabbinic ordination from Machon Ariel in 2011 Rabbi Fox is currently studying for Dayanut through the Beth Din and under Eretz Chemda in Israel.

Rebbetzin Aviva Fox was born in South Africa. She studied in seminaries in Australia and America and was involved with teaching young girls from Ivy League universities.

Aviva received a BA with a master’s in Education which she put to good use in Australia filling various teaching positions in various schools. She continues using her skills through her involvement with the Ganeinu kindergarten at the PHC and overseeing the Hamerkaz after school learning program at the PHC.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Medalie