Membership at the PHC gives you access to our broad range of services and facilities. Though all Jews are always welcome at the PHC, members receive reduced costs for functions as well as automatic educational bursaries at Ganeinu and Crawford Pretoria.

Members are not charged for services rendered by the Rabbi such as weddings and funerals and are not charged for Bar Mitzvah classes provided by our assistant Rabbi or for Bat Mitzvah classes provided by our Rebbetzin.

Membership to the PHC also enables us to continue to provide the array of services we do which other shuls often do not provide. These include the women’s Mikva and Eiruv all of which were built and maintained by the PHC.

Members of the PHC can make use of our driver, who is in Johannesburg daily and will pick up any orders and purchases made from any of the kosher food establishments in Johannesburg, including all the bakeries and butcheries.


Double (Family): R 4,595.00
Single: R 2,759.00
Youth (special): R 1,325.00

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