Our Future

Nestled in the Jacaranda city, the PHC finds itself in a picturesque setting, surrounded by beautifully maintained parks and nature reserves. Groenkloof Pretoria, which is where the PHC and a large portion of the Jewish community is, is a well maintained and well run municipality.

Host to some of the finest hospitals in the country, we are often the host to guests from out of town who come to Pretoria for medical treatment.

The quality of life which Pretoria provides all around is capped by a warm and welcoming Jewish community that boasts a vibrancy that belies its numbers.

As with all Jewish communities, Pretoria has seen its fair share of migrations from one area to another. With relatively stable numbers at present, we at the PHC are constantly innovating and thinking of bold programs that will not only retain our current membership, but will also encourage others to move to Pretoria and join our community.

Our current two projects are a proposed youth hostel for Jewish university students from out of town who have come to Pretoria to study in our top class universities.

The other project is the building of modern, well finished simplexes which we hope to provide at a negligible rental to six lucky couples from out of town who meet our criteria.

With the expansion of the highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as the functioning of the Gautrain, we believe Pretoria is an even more attractive proposition for people working in Johannesburg. The distance between the two cities has been significantly reduced through these infrastructure developments.

This, coupled with the quality of life experienced in Pretoria, make moving to Pretoria an extremely attractive proposition, especially for young couples just starting out their married life together.