The cornerstone of every community is its commitment to providing authentic Jewish education. At the PHC we run Ganeinu, a friendly warm kindergarten environment providing top quality Jewish and secular education.

Though we do not have an independent Jewish elementary and high school, we nonetheless provide a full Jewish educational program in the local Crawford school complete with early morning prayers, Hebrew language and Torah studies. Further highlighting this commitment to Jewish education, educational bursaries are provided to all members whose children attend Crawford and its Jewish education program (or to all schools which provide a Torah education).

For those who do not attend a Jewish day school or one with a Jewish education component, as well as those seeking to supplement the Torah education they are receiving, can do so by joining the weekly Hamerkaz Shelanu after school program.

Housing the Machon Lehora’a, a world acclaimed institute for higher Torah learning and Rabbinic education, provides the PHC and its members with a unique opportunity to have private classes on topics of interest with our budding Rabbinic students. Our Rabbis and Rebbetzins also provide one on one learning opportunities for members.